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Getting to Know : Normatec 2.0 VS Normatec Pro 2.0

Normatec Pro 2.0

Normatec 2.0

Hyperice has started its roots as the leading specialist in recovery. With the acquisition and integration of Normatec Dynamic Air Compression recovery systems,
the quality and approach of recovery has evolved across athletes, post rehabilitation patients as well as home consumers .
Normatec offers two different variants of Recovery Devices.
 The two system models to choose from is between
Normatec 2.0 and Normatec Pro 2.0.

So, which one suits you?

Naomi Osaka's Pick for Percussion Massager

Naomi Osaka's Pick for Percussion Massager

In Women's Health issue, world class sports star - Naomi Osaka has revealed her primary brand - Hyperice that has been instrumental across her matches, tours and day to day activities.

The Hyperice's very own Hypervolt is been an essential investment for any athlete - professional or otherwise, even so for just a little muscle relaxation after sitting all day.

"As a Hyperice Athlete, movement is about more than just changing the game, it is about challenging the industry and Hyperice has helped me on...

Hyperice Tech For Runners

Hyperice Tech For Runners

Jogging or running has been the favourite exercise since restrictions are around. 

Though maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is a must, we often neglect the importance of recovery. With the utilisation of Hyperice Tech across Percussion technology and Vibration technology, you are in for a treat to release those tight muscles and repair tissues in a faster pace in increasing running performance.

This article features the massage utilization of 3 Hyperice Techs :

Hypervolt :

Hypersphere :

The Science Behind Percussion Therapy

The Science Behind Percussion Therapy

There are a lot of different at-home massage devices on the market, but not all are built equally. High frequency vibration-based electric massagers have been around for decades. While they can provide a temporary sense of relief, the benefits are superficial and have little research to back up true benefits. Sophisticated, modern massagers such as the Hypervolt use a much lower frequency (less buzzy) but higher in amplitude (travel) percussion technique. This has the advantage of working on tissues beyond a superficial level, restoring sliding...

Hypersphere Mini Release for Gamers

Hypersphere Mini Release for Gamers

Gaming is fun and exciting and always get nerves in the moment. Well, not so much fo an excitement for the body. This is because, gaming may contribute to less optimal postures, resulting in accumulation of tension and stress within the muscle tissue and joint motions leading to discomfort or even injuries.

With the closed torso from sitting and the forwarded neck from squinting, there are always effective alternatives to treat, prepare and ease off the body from the gaming postures.

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