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Hyperice App - Your Everyday Needs

Connect to Health & Wellness Apps
Get the most out of the Hyperice App by connecting to
Strava and Apple Health.

Discover Personalized Programs
Receive recommendations for routines
based on your movement and track your activity stats
all in one place.

Guided Warmup, Recovery, and Maintenance Routines
Professionally curated routines from Hyperice experts,
designed to help you move better.

Exclusive Content From Top Pros
Follow along as the world’s best athletes, trainers, and physiotherapists
guide users through exclusive routines and share personal tips.

Pair the new Hyperice Bluetooth devices
Begin a routine, and let HyperSmart do the thinking. The speed automatically adjust as users follow along the guided routine focusing in areas across
Warmup, Recovery or Maintenance. 

The Hypervolt (Bluetooth)
Now fully connected. An award-wining device featuring QuietGlide Technology, a patented pressure sensor, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Hypervolt Plus (Bluetooth)
Crazy powerful, still quiet and now Bluetooth connected.
The Hypervolt Plus delivers 30% more power than the Hypervolt,
making it the most powerful percussion massage device
in the world.

The Hypersmart Ecosystem
Get exclusive content, recommendations for routines,
and a snapshot of activities and recovery progress. 
HyperSmart powers the personalization and customization of the
Hyperice experience.

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